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ArbeiT goes to CIRCa Auch

On the way to Auch, this Saturday close to Paris in Choisy-Le-Roi : ArbeiT - the new show by Tr'espace

In a universe where the invisible becomes visible, physical effort and beauty intersect in simple gestures, the practical becomes unnecessary, and profit is called into question. Absurd and fleeting.

At CIRCa festival Auch on Oct 27 +28

A handful of machines, an old treadle sewing machine, a flying pendulum, curious mechanical objects… a hodgepodge of items, old and new. And in the middle of it all, an elegant black concert grand. At the beginning, everything is neatly arranged. Everything is in its place, both the objects and the performers. The pianist sits at her piano, the juggler stands center stage, the technician (or quiet worker) sits at his lighting console, which is in a corner of the stage.

ArbeiT begins: Each performer moves in his specific sphere in an interaction between person and object, without hierarchical relationships between the performers. Gradually, the boundaries dissolve. Machines come into play, reducing work, taking on multiple functions, gaining independence. An illusory world builds, in the shadow of which an inconspicuous worker keeps the machinery running. Everything turns, natural materials come into contact with synthetic ones, a small, continuous “waterfall” in the form of sawdust trickles from the ceiling, setting a wheel in motion, which transmits the rotation to an old 36 mm projector, which casts its light onto the falling sawdust, lighting it up…

Until the final image: the protagonist lying in a sea of sawdust. He has come closer to the goal of having minimized his work [from Old High German: Werk, “toil”, “torment”], but now all the hurly-burly continues without his help. Mechanisms are set in motion, diabolos spin, wheels turn, machines pound rhythmically, driven by the weight of the mobile that hovers in equilibrium above them.

Until this fragile creation collapses…