Rencontre D: Presentation

RecontreD is a show in the style of New Circus for two diabolo jugglers and one double bass player.

The show is about an everyday, omnipresent and still so extraordinary phenomenon: the human being. It’s about searching and finding, challenging and courting each other, about fight, reconciliation and surprise. It’s about love. RencontreD tells a story without words, but through beautiful images and ambiances, in which the diabolo and the double bass are the protagonists.

Petronella von Zerboni and Roman Müller unfold in their performance a creative space, which they fill with perfect artistic skills, dance and poetry. These two artists have developed a unique and extraordinary technique in which the diabolos are no longer confined to the vertical plane but also move horizontally and which allows them to move their objects in endless variations in the space and around them. It’s like calligraphy in the space: they create fantastic images and patterns in the air that fuse into a wonderful, visual ballet of objects and bodies.

Petronella and Roman are assisted by the concise double bass playing of Mischa Blau. But it’s not only the unusual sound that influences the course of the show, it is the musician himself who takes a real part in the action and with his instrument joins into the choreography.

RencontreD is the first show of Tr’espace and has been created in 2003; however, the three artists have subsequently incorporated new ideas, through which the show has constantly developed over the past years.
In 2004, at the 2nd edition of the international festival Jeunes Talents du Cirque, RencontreD has been awarded with the sponsorship of the Ile de la France.

The fusion of juggling, dance and music, the clear dramaturgical build-up and the simple configuration make this show a real piece of art. Whether in variety shows or New Circus productions, whether at dance or theatre festivals, at corporate events or on a small cabaret stage: RencontreD is suitable for all different kinds of occasions.

So far RencontreD has been performed approximately 120 times and been on tour in: Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, France, Hungary, Japan, Poland, Spain, South Korea, Switzerland

- Konzept, Choreography: Petronella von Zerboni, Roman Müller
- Musik: Mischa Blau

- Artisten: Petronella von Zerboni, Roman Müller
- Musiker: Mischa Blau

- Kostüme: Urs Steiner
- Fotos: Antoinette Chaudrons