ArbeiT: Presentation

A crossover performance with objects, manipulation, and a grand piano

by Roman Müller

Outsourcing, human resources, efficiency improvement... These terms are not directly connected to the theatre, but they serve as the building blocks for the new piece by the company Tr’espace. Transporting us into a bizarre, vividly caricatured world, this production examines the relationship of the human body to work and to the development of human endeavor. Actions are outsourced, broken down into their smallest units, divided up among the players, automated... the goal is beyond reproach: to make life more pleasurable.
In a universe where the invisible becomes visible, physical effort and beauty intersect in simple gestures, the practical becomes unnecessary, and profit is called into question. Absurd and fleeting.

Premiere 1 - 4 october , 2012
Théâtre Hautepierre / Le Maillon, Théâtre de Strasbourg, Scène Européenne (France)