about Tr'esapce

to trespass (en.) – unbefugtes Betreten (dt) – entrée non-autorisée (fr)

Petronella von Zerboni and Roman Müller met in 1998 at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri. In their ensuing years of artistic collaboration, they have succeeded in reinventing the diabolo in aesthetic, dramatic, and technical terms. They defy conventions and transcend apparent limits, creating an inimitable style that elegantly and sensitively combines the playful and the wacky with stunning artistic feats.

A trilogy was created around the diabolo, starting with the act Duo Tr’espace, which expanded to include the short piece RencontreD [meetingD] and then the theatrical performance Le Cercle [The Circle].

This genre-transcending concept has opened numerous doors. Tr’espace has achieved an artistic range that erases the strict boundaries between classical circus, variety shows, and cirque nouveau and has been celebrated and honored by spectators and professional circles alike. In a certain sense, the leap from the circus ring to stages usually reserved for dance and theatre was a perfectly natural artistic progression and has allowed Tr’espace to pioneer a new, more open theatre culture, one that now embraces a tremendous array of performing arts.

Tr’espace has performed in over 25 countries and on every continent – in more than 1,000 shows.

Le Cercle – The Circle – describes continuous movement, with no beginning and no end, a perpetual motion machine that is a metaphor for the continuing research of Tr’espace.

First edition of the Festival Cirqu' in Aarau CH

10-year anniversary of Tr’espace + world premiere of ArbeiT

ArbeiT Carte Blanche

World premiere of a large production in Wohlen CH at the winter home of the Circus Monti
2009 – 2011 on tour in Switzerland, France, England, Belgium, and Germany

Le Cercle
World premiere at the festival La Route de Cirque in Nexon FR
since then, performed on tour all over the world
World premiere in Brussels BE at the festival Piste de Lancement
2007 awarded the Circo Emilo Zapatero Prize at the 9th Festival International de Teatro y  Artes de Calle TAC in Valladolid ES
2004 awarded the Jeunes  Talents Cirque in Paris. Also received a sponsorship for continuing research from the Regional Council of Île de France, the region surrounding Paris.

Duo Tr’espace    
2009: Awarded the Press and Media Prize at the 33rd Festival International du Cirque de Monte Carlo.
2005: Silver Lion at the 10th Wuqiao International Circus Festival, China
2004: Won 4 medals at the 25th Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris: the Silver Medal, the ARTE Prize, the Cirque du Soleil Prize, and the Alexandre Grimailo Studio Prize
2002 Founding of the company Tr’espace by Petronella von Zerboni and Roman Müller