Duo Tr'espace: Press

- Juggling
« Tr’espace (Roman Müller and Petronella von Zerboni) performed their magnificent Diabolo act. The couple, recently featured on the cover of Kaskade, has created quite a buzz since winning a silver medal at Cirque de Demain. With smooth and impossible moves, they express themes of couple hood not through stagy flirtation but just by supporting and touching each other as diabolists. The two met as students at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland. Their “horizontal diabolo playing” allows them greater freedom of movement and more dynamic imagery. This new technique, in which a diabolo stays in the upright hourglass position and is then looped and whipped in a horizontal plane, has already caught on and seems destined to change the face of the art. »
“Juggling” American Juggle Magazin Nov./Dez. 2004

- Pariscope.fr
„Tr’espace explodes the usual frame of this „prop“ making it real partner, harmonic and sensual.“
October 2007

- Kaskade
« You know that feeling? You see something and you’re speechless, you’re unable to move because the beauty of the moment has left you paralysed. A subtle, romantic moment that makes your whole body tingle. Your heart starts thumping, but in a warm, pleasant way. You even get butterflies in your stomach, a feeling of unease that is nonetheless somehow positive. You know that what you’re seeing is so beautiful that you cannot really describe it. Nor do you even want to describe it. You wish that the moment could go on for ever. Just being here now is enough to cause tears of joy to well up in your eyes. It’s exactly the kind of feeling you have when you fall in love. Head over heels. You’re knocked out and happy at the same time.
That’s what happened to me to me last December, in the Palazzo Colombino in Freiburg. On the stage were Tr’espace, performing their Diabolo act. And it’s really true: I fell in love – with the most beautiful and most innovating act I’ve seen for a long time. Roman Müller and Petronella von Zerboni presented a new art form, a new dimension of diabolo playing. Dance and movement, body and prop merged into a single flow: The diabolos are upright, with the strings horizontal. They seem to hover, rather than moving up and down, they float in the air, as though weightless, then released – sent on their journey - and are caught again. Sticks fly, are handed over, develop a life of their own – they are just as much a prop and a focus as the diabolo itself. Strings are wound around bodies, the bodies wind themselves around each other and become one. It’s breathtaking – and beautiful. Quite simply beautiful......... »
« Kaskade » Nr.75 (2004), Lais Franzen

- American Juggle Magazien
« Closing the first half was Duo Tr'espace (Petronella von Zerboni and Roman Müller), two artistic diabolists based in Switzerland. They presented a powerful work of modern dance infused with cutting-edge diabolo moves. Their movements were lyrical, smooth, and deliberate, and their timing was impeccable. Some of their moves were so stunning and unexpected - say, exchanging his two-diabolo nurse for her single Excalibur, in an instant - that they live in memory more as magic than stagecraft. This was juggling at its very best: high art, a transforming experience. They received a lengthy and heartfelt standing ovation. »
March/April 2006, Volume 8, by Jerry Martin.

- The Budget
« But as so often in a magic show it was a speciality act which scored heaviliy. This was the swiss duo Tr’espace who did things with diabolos that one would not have thought possible as they danced and gyrated around the stage. It was a brilliant performance. »
Official Magazine of the Int. Brotherhood of Magicians, November 2003

- China Daily
« In the dim light, a woman and a man meet via the diabolos, or the Chinese yo-yo, in an infinite and closed space. With grace and dexterity, they spin the diabolos rapidly, twirling it round and round their bodies. The diabolos float in the air around them, sometimes hovering upright with the strings horizontal. They alternately release and catch the diabolos as their sticks fly, and they smoothly transfer the yo-yos to the other hand. Their bodies and their prop flow together along with the musical beats, making it seem that the performers and their diabolos are one.
The show, presented by Petronella v Zerboni from Germany and her Swiss partner, Roman Muller, has been seen as probably the most unique among the variety of programmes during the ongoing 10th Wuqiao International Circus Festival.
« China Daily », November 2, 2005

- Wordpress
Then there’s Tr’espace, the German/Swiss Diabolo Duo. They completely blew me away, both personally as well as professionally. Their act is by far the best Diabolo act I’ve ever seen and they’re such warm, friendly and interesting people! I can’t wait to meet them again.
schani. april, 2006